• Special for servo/step motor

    Planetary reducers
    High rigity high torque high precision

    Low backlash (1-3arcmin), match the global servo motors
    Widely used in machine tool equipment, laser cutter, woodworking machinery, printing
    machinery, packing machinery, etc.

  • Overloading, large torque, high power

    Gear motor

    Power: 0.18kw-160kw
    Ratio: 3-3000
    Maximum torque can be to 50000NM

  • Small-medium-AC&DC

    Gear motor

    Apply to mechanical transmission parts of conveyer,packing,printing,advertising,etc.
    Free-maintenance, low noise, low temperature rising

    ● Power: 6W-3700W

    ● Voltage:DC-AC-Non-standard Voltage.

    ● Ratio:3-1800

About TaiQi Details -->>

Taiqi Electromechanical Equipment Co. offers a comprehensive selection of advanced, off-the-shelf transmission solutions. We are a specialized manufacturer benefiting from several years of production experience and research capabilities. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with a wide range of products including high precision planetary gear reducers, worm screw jacks, and cycloid-pin reducers. These innovative products feature application possibilities across a broad spectrum of industries and they all have one thing in common, high quality construction and superb performance.

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Application Details -->>
    1. Speed Reducer in Grain and Oilseed Processing Industry
    2. Speed Reducer in Grain and Oilseed Processing Industry Taiqi reducers are found in a wide range of grain and oil equipment applications. The components are popular as they feature high stability, reliability and safety. The reducers are equipped with an attached backstop for high transmission efficiency and a significant useful working lifetime.
    1. Speed Reducer in Metallurgical Industry
    2. Speed Reducer in Metallurgical IndustryOur reducers are a popular component in steel and other metallurgical industrial operations. They stand up to harsh working conditions that include high temperatures and dust exposure with high stability and a low rate of failure. Maintenance is also simple and easy to perform.
    1. Speed Reducer in Mining Industry
    2. Speed Reducer in Mining IndustryMany different pieces of mining machinery are equipped with Taiqi reducers. TQC reducers maintain stability and smooth operation under the hot temperatures of summer and even during the freezing cold winter. They optimize production efficiency and increase mining output.
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