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Planetary Speed Reducer (For Servo Motor and Stepper Motor)

    1. Standard Speed Reducer
    2. Standard Speed Reducer
      The gear ring and output housing are integrated and constructed using high quality hot forged steel, giving the gearbox added strength and durability with additional density. The integrated design ensures the geometric dimensions are accurate and provide maximum precision and strength during operation compared to other structures like built-in and clamp-on units.
    1. Precision Speed Reducer
    2. Precision Speed Reducer
      The TQC PAB series planetary speed reducer was designed with an integrated planet carrier, output shaft, gear ring and output housing structure. The components are constructed from high quality steel that is highly durable and strong for maximum torque and stability during transmission operation. Prior to choosing a gearbox, specify the gear ratio that you need. After this is selected, multiply the rated torque of the servo motor by the ratio.
    1. Flange Mount Speed Reducer
    2. Flange Mount Speed Reducer
      Our PAD series planetary gearboxes are produced with a round output flange and a hollow shaft output that work together to provide excellent motor drive transmission operation. You can send servo motor dimension drawings for model selection or advise the specific servo motor model number.
    1. Right Angle Speed Reducer
    2. Right Angle Speed Reducer
      The ZR series of gearboxes feature input and output components at 90 degree angles for small and compact mounting as well as efficient transmission. These gearboxes are primarily used in automation machinery. Mounting dimensions: input and output dimensions must be identical for the right angle gearbox to operate properly.
    1. Rotating Speed Reducer
    2. Rotating Speed Reducer
      The TQC ZK rotating platform reducer is one of our high working efficiency transmission products that is highly versatile for many different machinery applications. The hollow rotating platform has a fixed ratio that can be matched with a planetary gearbox with various ratios including 1:15, 1:24, 1:32 1:40, 1:50.

Taiqi company is planetary speed reducer manufacturer, offer a wide range of speed reducer, gearbox and gear motors including planetary gearbox, helical worm gear reducer, helical bevel gear speed reducer, spiral bevel gearbox, and so on. There are precision speed reducers, as well as AC and DC gear reducers with custom size speed reducers for industrial applications.