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Micro DC Gear Motor

The Taiqi 6 to 250W micro DC gear motor is a permanent magnet DC motor that boasts a heavy-duty, durable design that is outstanding during operation.
The motor features a protection class up to IP65, while its winding insulation is class B.
These DC motors are designed for operating with low moment of inertia and highly dynamic acceleration. They can expect to operate with minimal interference radiation.
The temperature increase value of the hottest part of the motor's surface should be below 80 degrees Celsius under normal working conditions.
Operating temperature: -10℃~+40℃ (Nonfreezing)


These DC motors are found in a wide range of industrial production machinery, including conveying equipment, food machinery, medical machinery, printing machines, etc.

Technical Parameters

1. Main Pole: produces air gap.
2. Commutating pole: improves the reversing performance of the motor.
3. Commutator: this is a vital component of the motor that allows for the transformation between AC and DC current. The quality of the commutator directly affects operation and power consumption.
4. Brush unit: The brush unit uses a spring to tightly press the brush and maintain contact with the surface of the commutator surface.
5. Stator: produces a magnetic field and supports the mechanical components.
6. Rotor: the rotor forms magnetic torque.

Model Selection Factors

1. Please specify the desired power of the motor: we have 6W-250W models of these micro gear motors.
2. General Voltage: 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 90V as well as custom options
3. Frame size of motor: 60*60mm. 70*70mm, 80*80mm, 90*90mm, 104*104mm
4. Rated speed of motor
5. Ratio: Ratio of gearbox--your required output speed for motor/rated motor speed
6. The gearbox frame size must be same as the size of the motor


1. Center the central axis when installing the gear motor. Error should not be greater than the compensation value of the coupler. A proper centering can extend the service life and maximize transmission efficiency.
2. Do not knock the motor when mounting the driving medium on the output shaft. We suggest using the assembly fixture and inner thread of the shaft and bolt to press the driving medium.
3. The gear motor should be tightly mounted on a stable horizontal base to make sure that the oil can be drained properly and to allow cool air to circulate freely. This helps prevent noise and vibration.
4. The mounting unit allows workers access to the oil pointer, breather plug and oil drain plug with great convenience. After moving the gear motor in place, inspect the compaction reliability of each fastener for a proper fit. The motor is lubricated with oil grease. Replace the screw plug with a breather plug prior to operating.
Note: After a certain time running of the gear motor, regularly check the gearbox oil level to avoid possible leakage caused by the motor shell. For example, overflowing or higher than suggested working temperatures will affect the usage of the gear motor. So different gear motors will be selected according to different temperatures.

How to store the reducer?

1) Keep the reducer in a clean dry place.
2) If it will be stored outdoor or in a humid place, please put the reducer in a box and pack it tightly with a plastic bag to avoid rain exposure and external erosion.
Cautions during Operation
1) Overload should be avoided.
2) Input speed cannot exceed the proper max. speed.
3) Please stop and check the reducer if any of the following occurs:
Sudden temperature rise
Abnormal noise
Unstable speed
4) Please change the motor shaft direction after stopping the motor.
Warranty Instruction
The following costs and damages are not included in our warranty:
1) Freight cost
2) If the reducer connects with or inserts into a unit during dismounting or mounting, or any other extra action, there will be a cost as this is not in the warranty.
3) Other accompanying unspecified damage.


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