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Micro AC Gear Motor

    1. Micro AC Induction Gear Motor
      The micro AC induction gear motor is fully rotated by induction created by electromagnetic coils and a capacitor. Starting torque is not very high but the compact motor and high efficiency allow it to get the job done during continuous operation.
    1. Micro AC Reversible Gear Motor
      The micro AC reversible gear motor features a simple brake at the back of the reversible motor. The motors are designed for frequent and quick directional changes. The braking column has a spring pressure act on the rotating brake panel in order to maintain continuous pressure.
    1. Micro AC Brake Gear Motor
      Our micro AC brake gear motor is a non-excitation action type motor that is designed to attract the mobile armature pressed by spring to apply voltage to the coil. Once the coil is broken, the mobile armature presses the braking gasket to produce a braking force under the spring force, effectively stopping the motor.
    1. Micro AC Variable Speed Gear Motor
      The micro AC speed-adjusting gear motor features a controller and motor unit that does not require extra wiring because they only need to be connected one time. Speed of the motor can be simply controlled by the external potentiometer. The speed control circuit and capacitor are mounted on the controller.

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