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Gear Motor

    1. Micro DC Gear Motor
    2. Micro DC Gear Motor
      The Taiqi 6 to 250W micro DC gear motor is a permanent magnet DC motor that boasts a heavy-duty, durable design that is outstanding during operation. These DC motors are designed for operating with low moment of inertia and highly dynamic acceleration. They can expect to operate with minimal interference radiation.
    1. Micro AC Gear Motor
    2. Micro AC Gear Motor
      The micro AC induction gear motor is fully rotated by induction created by electromagnetic coils and a capacitor. Starting torque is not very high but the compact motor and high efficiency allow it to get the job done during continuous operation. During single motor operation it is possible to change the direction of rotation quickly. Change the rotating direction after the motor is completely stopped.
    1. Low Power Gear Motor
    2. Low Power Gear Motor
      The geared motor output section has seals to prevent grease refluxing and damage. High efficiency thanks to the silicon steel stamping die, high precision core, strong magnetic properties and a geared motor cooling structure. We can provide customized motor designs at your request.
    1. Right Angle Gear Motor
    2. Right Angle Gear Motor
      High efficiency and low noise: these gear motors feature a hyperboloid gear design for because of the low noise output of helical gears and their high efficiency bevel gears. Compared to worm gearboxes, the sliding friction of hyperboloid gears is very small. Transmission efficiency can reach as high as 95%. Hyperboloid gears have a mesh of 2.5 gears.

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