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P Series High Torque Planetary Speed Reducer

The P series planetary gear reducer's transmission is carried out through the use of involute planet gears. They user inner and outer gear meshes with the power to shunt.


· Metallurgy
· Mining
· Crane transportation
· Electricity
· Energy
· Construction and decorations
· Light industries
· Traffic


1. Modular design -combination can be changed according to customer requests.
2. High rigidity, vibration resistance: The case is nodular cast iron, thus significantly increasing the reducer's rigidity.
3. Low noise, high efficiency, long life time: The gears are ground after undergoing a heating treatment. This reduces noise and enhances the efficiency and service life.
4. Wide ratio range: from 1:25~1:4000, if matched with R, K, or F series reducers, a larger ratio is obtained.
5. Multiple input types: concentric input shaft, helical gear input, bevel gear-helical gear input, bevel gear input
6. Multiply output types: internal spline, hollow shaft shrink plate type, external spline type, solid shaft with flat key
7. Various mounting methods: Horizontal mounting, vertical mounting, and torsion arm mounting.

Model Selection

1. Check driven equipment coefficient
2. Prime motor coefficient
3. Allowable input speed for gearbox
4. Confirm the ratio you need
5. Confirm the gearbox type and select a transmission efficiency
6. Ensure the input power of gearbox is according to the power or torque which is required by driven equipment.
7. Refer to calculation, check the transmission capacity table sheet, and then specify a gearbox model.
8. Check the peak torque
9. Check radial force and axial force of output shaft.
10. Calculate the power factor to confirm its coefficient
11. Check heat capacity
12. Ensure the lubrication method.
13. Specify the model number and the accessories according to input, output and mounting ways.
For more details, please refer to the P series reducer model selection instruction file.


1. Reducer Case: A nodular cast iron case greatly enhances the reducer's stiffness and vibration resistance.
2. Gears: The sun gear, planet gear, inner gear ring and spiral bevel gear are all equipped with a controllable atmosphere carburizing and quenching treatment to make the gear surface much more wearing resistant. Gear grinding after heat treatments are done to reduce noise, increase the reducer's efficiency and service time.
3. Flat key: steel material
4. Bearing: Domestic or imported bearings
5. Oil seal: Taiwan framework oil seal


P planetary reducer model selection

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