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Screw Jack

    1. HK Worm Gear Screw Jack
      Also known as a jack, the HK screw lift features a number of functions, including raising, falling, auxiliary pushing and turn over, making it suitable for a wide range of power sources. Some of those power sources include those driven by motors, directly by other power, or manually. The lift is most often used in low speed and heavy load applications.
    1. SWL Worm Gear Screw Jack
      The SWL screw lift is a basic lifting device, capable of carrying out multiple functions, including raising, lowering, and pushing using auxiliary parts, pushing, turn over and height adjustments. These worm gear screw lifts are most often used for low speed, low frequency operations. Main components include precise trapezoid screw pairs and highly precise worm gear pairs.
    1. Spiral Screw Jack
      Accurate positioning: Equipped with an anti-backlash unit, the precision reaches 0.05mm. Absolute mechanical synchronous lifting system: Multiple screw lifts can be synchronously driven by one motor, achieving mechanical synchronization. A safety nut design monitors product wear conditions and eliminates hazards.
    1. Ball Screw Jack
      The SJB ball screw lift features a high quality square shell, and is equipped with a ball screw rod, guaranteeing the high transmission efficiency, precision and long service life. The service life of the screw lift is directly dependent on the service life of both the ball screw rod and the spare parts, such as the worm gear. Keep both of those working as designed, and the SJB ball screw lift will continue to work as required.

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