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  • Speed Reducer in Grain and Oilseed Processing Industry

    Taiqi reducers are found in a wide range of grain and oil equipment applications. The components are popular as they feature high stability, reliability and safety. The reducers are equipped with an attached backstop for high transmission efficiency and a significant useful working lifetime.

  • Speed Reducer in Metallurgical Industry

    Our reducers are a popular component in steel and other metallurgical industrial operations. They stand up to harsh working conditions that include high temperatures and dust exposure with high stability and a low rate of failure. Maintenance is also simple and easy to perform.

  • Speed Reducer in Mining Industry

    Many different pieces of mining machinery are equipped with Taiqi reducers. TQC reducers maintain stability and smooth operation under the hot temperatures of summer and even during the freezing cold winter. They optimize production efficiency and increase mining output.

  • Speed Reducer in Papermaking Industry

    Taiqi reducers are vital components in the variety of machines used in the paper making industry. We are trusted suppliers of high quality reducers that provide power transmission to the equipment for outstanding performance.

  • Speed Reducer in Petrochemical Industry

    As a provider of high quality power units and transmission solutions, Taiqi and our engineers have developed synchronous transmission units for the Chinese petrochemical industry.

  • Speed Reducer in Port Machine Industry

    In order to provide stability and reliability in port machinery, Taiqi reducers are installed and provide high performance operation and a long working lifetime. These reducers operate with convenience and high performance.

  • Speed Reducer in Other Industries

    Taiqi reducers are not specialized components and you will find them useful in any number of different machinery applications. These reducers are used in rubber and plastic production, industrial manufacturing, chemical processing, and many others.