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Customer Examples

Applied in construction and building material fields
The TQG reducer has been used for the:
1. Turkey ADANA Cement mixer production line with a daily capacity of 5000T.
2. Venezuela Invecem cement production line project with a daily capacity of 2400t/h.
3. Malaysia 5000t/d cement mixer production line.
4. Iran TCCC3300t/d cement mixer production line.
5. Russia Penza 5000t/d cement project

Metal processing applications
TQG reducers are used for cold rolling mills, roll casting mills, roller beds, press-casting machines, and welding machines. Customers: Wisco, Ansteel, Baosteel, Henanyuguang, Panyu Chu Kong, Solunar, China Gold

Coal mine main well lifting
Project: Coal mine main well conveying system
Machine: DLD128/57/2x780
Reducer: 2SH26-22.4-I (2 sets)
Date: In 2012
Customers: Datong Coal Industry Limited Company. Shenyang Coal Industry Limited Company Luan Group Huineng Group Yangmei Group

Crane Lifting
TQG reducers are used for bridge cranes, tower cranes, girder cranes etc..
Customers: Malaysia tower crane project. Indonesia tower crane project. Iran bridge crane of Gezhouba Corporation. Shenhua Ningxia Coal Group. Alston Engineering Technology Company Shandong Qikai Heavy Machinery Limited Company....

Sewage Treatment
Our reducers were used for the mechanical transmission components of the Beijing National Theatre, China Theatre, Spring Festival Gala Stage, Amusement equipment etc.
Customers: Henann Sangpo Sewage Treatment Plant Henan Nanyang Fang City Sewage Treatment Plant Chongqing Fengdu Sewage Treatment Plant Fujian Sanming Sewage Treatment Plant Suzhou Mudu town Sewage Treatment Plant Various sewage treatment plants from different cities in China.

  • Stage
    The reducers were used for moving components of the Beijing National Theatre, China Theatre, Spring Festival Gala Stage, Amusement equipment etc.

  • Play Equipment
    Customers: Shenyang Expo Payground Sichuan Aromatic Park Shenyang Botanic Garden Cloud Nine Theme Park Nanning Zoo

  • Paper Making Machine
    We supply APP group with high performance driving equipment. We help APP by reducing maintenance costs by half.

  • TQG reducers are used for cement production lines
    Used for 5000T daily capacity cement production lines

  • Used for Tipping Unit
    TQG reducers have been used in Baosteel 120T tipping units

  • Used for the transmission mechanism of power station
    Customer: Nanhai Power Station

  • Cement Production
    Customer: Xinjiang Tianye Center

  • Used for Plastic Extrusion Lines
    Customer: Henan Yiyang Plastic Machine Company. Used for double screw extrusion lines.

  • Lifting device of conveying machines

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