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Company Culture

Integrity / Mutual Benefits / Innovative Service
1. Integrity

· We maintain company integrity by providing responsible service and products for our customers and always show respect to our partners.
· Success in transmission manufacturing relies heavily on the communication between customers. We can guarantee quality at each stage of production by holding ourselves accountable working together to best meet customer demands.
· We put our employees first and emphasize a happy, healthy working environment. We devote time and effort into instilling a sense of belonging and never compromise on these values.
· Taiqi focuses on energy saving operations in order to protect our environment in order to play our role as a functioning society.

2. Mutual Benefits
· Human resources are the primary strength of our company and we put our people first, ensuring mutual success.
· Personal development and enterprise development go hand in hand. We invest heavily in the continuing education of our staff.
· Our market value is based on the trust that we have earned with our customers through quality transmission products and reliable services.
· The company is part of the community and we firmly believe that our advancement and development can lead to societal advancement through reinvestment and responsible operation.

3. Innovation Service
· Service is the core competency of Taiqi and we are never satisfied with a "good enough" attitude. We work hard to continually get better and provide customers with everything they need and more.
· Taiqi finds strength in the ability to innovate and sometimes deviate from existing service models.
· Innovation is the long term goal for Taiqi. We don’t want to be doing things the same way that we do them now in 20 years unless those things are proven to be the best way.

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